DJ names: NORDCORE GMBH (aka Butcher)
Name: Undercover
Date of birth: 00.00.00
Place of residence: St . Pauli - Hamburg - Germany
How did you start DJ-ing?
At the day of my birth ................................

How did you fall into the Terror scene?
When Tekkno start in germany 19 88 - 90 there are a lot of new sounds. For me the best was the sound with the biggest bass and dark mentasem. At this time nobody call it Hartcore/Terror.

What do you think about the use of drugs?
Everybody must know for hisself whats good for him but when you use drugs YOU have to control the drugs not the drugs have to control YOU

Are you familiar with the Belgian Hardcore scene? if so, what do you thinkt about it?
Sorry i know nothing from the Belgian Hartcorescene ! ? PLEACE sent us Information !!! One time we played at Shadowlands Rave in Leuven but this was not cool .......................

Are you familiar with the Dutch Hardcore scene? if so, what do you thinkt about it?
I LOVE dutchgabba without the netherlands there was no gabba in the world . The scene is so big about all the years they make PARTY PARTY PARTY. But i think a lot of people in Holland want to change and go more into Tekkno & Trancesound ? They can have it from Germany and we take the gabba ................................

What do you think about Newstyle?
For me it's no NEWSTYLE it's just a new word !!!

Favourite DJ?
Stickhead - Ruffneck - Liza N'Eliaz

Favourite new record?
Coolman Rec 25 - Enter da Arena Supreme Intelligence Rec
Endorphin Tchernobeat Rec 02 - The New Crew

Favourite record ever?
PCP 936 limited picture disk MESCALINUM UNITED
Side A) Symphonies of Steel Part 1
Side B) Light Bringer

Best Label?
Kotzaak - Coolman - Ruffneck

Favourite party?
All Hellraiserpartys at Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam
PCP Partys at Palazzo/Bingen Germany
Operation Nordcore I - II - III

My dog a 12 years old Pit Bull Girl with name BODY. I collect carnivorous plants. GABBA / HARTCORE / SPEEDCORE

Most amusing experience?
Every time when we go to play somewhere ....................

Biggest disillusionment?
I hate Nazis and intolerant people.

No i live all my life in the underground organise partys and playing DJ

What can we expect from you in the future?
A new club every friday in Hamburg start 12 / 98.
Next year Operation Nordcore IV.
More releases on Nordcore Records
New Mercandise

Do you still have something to say?
Don't dream do it ...................

Play DJ at
the Box - Hamburg D
Bunker - Berlin D
Palazzo - Bingen D
Musichall - Frankfurt D

Thunderdome Schwerin Germany
Shadowlands Leuven Belgien
Evolution Zürich Swiss
and a lot of smal clubs in germany. In germany Hartcore is realy UNDERGROUND !!!

Created Nordcore Rec 003 + 004
Compiled Terrordrome CD 5 + 6
In 1996 we had a big Hartcoretrack at a Streetparade in Hamburg